WikiLeaks Barry Nirmal But starting 29 November, 2010, selected new media e.g. the Guardian and the New York Times released the contents of the selected cables passed to them by Wikileaks, after editing them and removing the names of people e.g. informers and the staff. This editing... more →
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Obama’s Visit To India

  Obama’s Visit To India Jay Shah   U.S. President Barack Obama begins a four-day visit to India today (on Nov. 6), heading a 375-member entourage of security personnel, policymakers, business leaders and journalists to demonstrate to the world that the U.S.-Indian... more →
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Navratri and Dashera

Navratri and DasheraDilip Mehta Festivals are part of our Sanatan Hindu Dharma.    Through these festivals Hindu Dharma  expresses itself to common masses. These festivals bind us together.  Navaratri is very important festival.  Through this festival we worship Goddess, female... more →
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