Colonised Hindu Mind

Dilip Mehta English men left about 70 years ago yet Hindu mind is more colonized than ever.  Before independence we were not colonized culturally.  But now we are more colonized. In day to day life we see effects of colonized Hindu mind. We celebrate Christmas and Christian new... more →
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A Lone Ranger Battles Bigotry

A LONE RANGER BATTLES BIGOTRY Aneeta Chakrabarty Someone forgot to put a sign here; a vivid, warning sign with a “skull and crossbones” figure signaling danger at every turn in the badlands bordering West Bengal and Bangladesh.  For, in these timeless Hindu lands and the lands... more →
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What is religion?

What is religion? Birendra (Barry) Nirmal Tiwary Religion is a philosophical system that meets a basic need of the human beings. Religion has no competition in the sense that the needs met by religion cannot be met by any other philosophical system. This is why even though some countries... more →
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