Colonised Hindu Mind


Dilip Mehta

English men left about 70 years ago yet Hindu mind is more colonized than ever.  Before independence we were not colonized culturally.  But now we are more colonized.

In day to day life we see effects of colonized Hindu mind. We celebrate Christmas and Christian new year more vigorously  than even Christians. On January one we see pictures of Hindu kids in India greeting  New  Year. So many Hindu temples in America have special so called New Year pooja.

No Christian ever celebrates any Hindu festivals. They never wish Happy Diwali to each other. They never greet fellow Christians on Hindu new year.  We celebrate Mothers day. We forget that we have every day is mother day. It is said in our Shastra Matru Devo BHavah. If the Western society was celebrating Sister in Law day we would be celebrating the same. It is just blind imitation.

The same way is the Birth day celebration.  If West was celebrating birthday by cutting watermelon , we would be cutting watermelon.  Instead of extinguishing candles if they were squeezing lemons we would be doing the same. It is like squeezing ten lemons on tenth birth day. Again it is nothing but blind imitation.

Hindu mind is colonized out of inferiority complex.  When we ask Hindus how they are, answer is ‘Upervalaki mehrbani hai’.  Uperwala is not our concept. Bhagvan Krishna says in Geeta that he is in the heart of his devotees.

According to Quran we are Kafirs and according to the Bible we are heathen, yet our Sadhus praise them and equate with Geeta. They introduce Geeta as Bible of Hindus. On name of broadmindness we praise and accept Bible and Quran and Bible in par with Geeta. Only mentally sick and retarded civilizations accept and praise the philosophy of their tormentors.

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