The Secular-Liberal Lies About Indian History

WE are living in the 21st century.   If we survey the most widely used Indian history survey text books looking at the ancient history , we will be amazed to find all the history books  with full of distortions, lies and fabricated stories to insult and denigrate Hindus .

To foreigners, Hindutva  means big tree standing on the way to march ahead with Christianity. The western mind is full of atrocities Brahmins have committed against the invading Aryans. Virtually all of the western Christian oriented text books contain the myth of Aryan invasion to civilize the savage Hindus. Christin want to eliminate  Brahmins discriminating THE Dravidians. According to western Christian historians, would like to prefer to use the term Brahmanism instead of Hinduism to define and represent Hindu India.

The list of lies, distortions, biases, and myths created by the secular, anti-Hindu anti-nationalist historians are very extensive.  Text books can be slanted in a number of ways, including labelling. These alienated historians use loaded terms to describe liberals, Marxists as “progressives” Maoists trouble makers as “forward looking” and terrorists TAMIL Tigers as liberators and real nationalist leaders like MODI, the next Prime Minister of India as “fundamentalists”, “Prejudiced” and” backward looking” Labeling is a fairly easy tactic to identify, characterize and illuminate nationalist leaders like Narendra Modi of India as being backward and regressive.  It is more difficult to identify bias reporting and interpretation of facts.

Recently in Tamil NADU government headed by the Pro-Western- Pro-Christian Chief Minister, former film actress decided to distribute condemns to teen age boys in Colleges and High Schools.  In New Delhi, thy Catholic Central government wanted to introduce same sex marriages as legal. The anti- Hindu, secular governments never treat these as national problems in a democracy. A favorite tactics used by our alienated, anti- Hindu government  and secular historians and the and the enemy  media   is to  use deceptive terms such as  “ Intellectuals agreed”  “critics argued ” that same  sex marriage” and distribution of condom to teenagers in High schools is a progressive idea to spread creative thinking  and reduce national sex crime. In fact , most of the time, the “creative Critics” are Marxists, or Christian fundamentalists who want to destroy our culture, and dismantle India, These so called Historians, Marxists are outside the mainstream who had little credibility at all with the majority of Hindus, or Indian nationalist Intellectuals.

India is facing a new election in 2014. Sri Namenda Mode, the Chief Minister of Gujarat will become the next Prime Minster of India, The west who colonized India for censures and looted our wealth  do not want to see “MODI” as the next Prime Minister of India. The west who colonized India for centuries wants to see that Modi will not be India’s next prime Minister.  The west Want to picture him as a “stubborn Conservative”————- Out of touch with the realities of Indians poor and the Muslim masses.

The western anti Hindu media present India  as a third world country producing more coolies  through powerful  expose with impressive statics   as well as convincing theories  that all inclusive, tolerant and systemic Hinduism as the cause of poverty and  social decay in India. The west tends to imagine  the fact that they have been looting our wealth for centuries. The impressible array of statistics  and expose is questionable.

The Christian west still picture Mod as a “Stubborn Conservative” —– and is out of touch with the radical discontent of the country.  The western Media ignore the fact that MODI was elected third time as the Chief Minister of Gujarat.

We are living in a democratic, free world. While there is nothing wrong in solid repointing or interpretations, the goal of Marxists  and  the pseudo secular anti-Hindu  Liberals in India and the western Christian  governments  drifted their bias into  by fantasy by describing economic boom  in Gujarat under MODI  as ‘ economic quagmire. Many western and Indian businessmen and industrialists say that they economic quagmire in Gujarat  and they want to promote that “economic quagmire”.

For the Christian west   and Indian Marxist, Muslims and Converted Christians, and the liberal pseudo secularists, the History of Hindus begins with the invasion of Muslims.  For few European Christians, India was brought into the civilized world through Islamic invasion and into the western world by the British. Islamic invasion, European Christian colonization, coercive religious conversion, al Taquiea., Jihadi terrorism, criminalization of politics, corruption, ruling by fooling but anti national congress party head deed by an Italian Catholics, and mafia rule is not a serious study of the western political leaders, and intellectuals Western Christians and converted Christians and Pseudo-secular Hindus in India and liberal foolish men think that India will not become rational or modern unless Indian society receive more from the west.

In the world of the future, India will give more treasures of Hindutva

Sprit and enlighten the world which at the moment are largely hidden or ignored.

If MODI can be elected as the Prime Minister of India, MODI and BJP must make a united India and must ensure, all Indians living in Bharat are democratic, broadminded, and eclectic and no blind faith is possible in our free country. Criminals, vagabonds, miscreants,  and intransigent groups, Jihadi terrorists, Tamil Tigers, Maoist murderers,  Kashmir Liberation Front, Naga Rebels will have no place in India. Islamic and Western Christian nations are not happy with India emerging as an Independent nation. Our enemies within in India and without will deliberately create civil wars, social disturbances, and they will use all their resources to create mayhem in India.

Leftist radicals, pseudo-secular Hindus, corrupt and criminal politicians, saboteurs and looters will be financed, trained and deployed by our enemy countries to work against Modi, Hindustan and India.



2924 election may be the single most important thing you do all year. Because 2014 election will be the critical turning point for India and Hindus future.

Our colonial masters tinkered with our education. Our forefathers never bothered to take their responsibility seriously. They blindly followed their colonial slave masters,   elected atheists and Muslims and European Christians to rule us. It is rough to transform oneself from political couch potato to activist. But you have to be active and assertive in 2014. If we failed in 2014, pseudo-secular liberal Hindus, Marxists, christen, and jihadi terrorists will be forcing to absorb their way of thinking.

In 2014, MODI will declare war on poverty, a never-ending program that could extend the definition of poverty. Some of the policies of the corrupt congress government  are a policy on divide and rule or vote getting ploy.

The wanton disregard of the facts when it comes to our VEDIC values constitute what I call secular somersault and blaming the victims of conversion and congress misrule.  If any of Indian liberals and pseudo secularists bothered to consult the most rudimentary facts such as the colonial governments, they might have achieved some level of decency and accuracy.

The tea party debate imitated by BJP and MODI  and  are a great start. To win the election, and take back our country for hindus, all of us have to work.   Put in the time and creativity necessary  to make their work count. Our victory  is too important to do anything less. Victory  in 2014 depends on you.

The Islamic invasion and Brutality, European Christians Colonization  and subjugation and congress party’s  corruption and misrule cannot and should not  dampen  your profound optimism. The questin is  not what we have  the power to change the world but wheter we have the will.

Our veads, were rooted in creativity and freedom.Those who disagree with this philophy  never be reliable partners peace, den=mocracy and progress. Left Wing Liberals, Pseudo  secularists, Marxists and Maoists, Converted christians.corrupt politicians don’t want us to participate in election campaign . They love terrorism, tyranny, and destruction of our country.

We must join with Modi, he leader integrator.

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