Internal Enemies of Hindus

Internal Enemies of Hindus
Dilip Mehta

dilip_mehta_hmsa_webFor many centuries we were taught by our philosophers, Gurus, and  Swamis that our internal enemies were Kam (passion),  Krodh (anger), Dhikar (hatred),  Irsha (jealousy),  aham (ego) etc.  We were told to conquer those enemies and make our minds pure and egoless. But we were not told what to do after cleaning our minds. Will it solve any of the problems that we face in our daily lives? Will it stop some Jihadi from blowing me up? Will it stop a ruffian from hurting my family? What is the use of wasting our time in cleaning our minds when we cannot even protect ourselves?

We live in a complex and violent world. We must train ourselves to face problems and struggles that   life brings us.  So let us redefine our internal enemies.  According to my analysis the following are our real internal enemies that we must conquer to face our complex world.

#1 – Ignorance

Hindus are totally ignorant about the grim reality we face.  We live in a make believe dream world that everything is nice. All are our brothers and sisters. We should see Parmatma in every living being. Only the Hindus have this “Bhai Bhai” syndrome. Under this syndrome we fail to recognize the forces that are out there to destroy our Dharma and value system.  Due to this ignorance, we start praising the philosophy of our tormentors.

One swami was explaining the concept of Maya to an audience of devotees.  He was giving a famous example for Maya, that Maya is like misinterpreting a rope as a snake while walking on a dark Street.  One ten year old kid got up and asked “Swamiji that is fine, but if I mistake a snake as a piece of rope and it is a real snake in disguise, and if I touch it and the snake bites me what I do? Swami didn’t have an answer.

Hindus have always been misinterpreting snakes as ropes and in the process they get poisoned by snakes.  Without studying other religions (dogma) in depth, we think they provide the same message that we do. We forget what happened in history. We try to defend the philosophy of our tormentors and provide excuses for them that they must have misinterpreted their scriptures. Therefore, we don’t see our enemy as an enemy but as a friend.  We must be aware at every moment of what is happening in the world and how it is affecting us. We must learn to identify our friends and our enemies. We see the consequences of unawareness in our daily lives. For example, when Hindus are blown up by terrorists we fail to understand the real motivation for terrorists to act like this.

#2 – Inferiority Complex

A thousand years of colonialism has created an inferiority complex in Hindus.  We always look to others (non-Hindu) to get certificates for our value system. How many times we have heard that the Geeta is the “Bible of Hindus”. This is not only a gross insult to Geeta but also shows a total lack of knowledge of the Bible. Also, this is nothing but a self imposed humiliation, self imposed degradation, and self imposed intellectual bankruptcy. This shows how much we suffer from this complex.  To explain the Geeta, our gurus give examples from the Bible. In other words, they need certification from the Bible to prove that Bhagvan Krishna is right. It also means that the final authority on the Geeta is not Krishna but Christ. Our gurus take pride in meeting the Pope, even though he boldly tells us that he will convert every Hindu. Hindus send Christmas greeting cards to each other and call themselves broad-minded for doing so. However, Christians living in India don’t send Diwali cards to each other or greet each other wishing each other Happy Diwali. As a result of this complex we fail to identify our enemies. This complex dilutes our pride about our culture, and consequently our youths in America lose their identity as Hindus as they lack pride.

#3 – Selfishness

Hindus are afflicted with self-centeredness. We are told to do everything in order to attain moksh. Moksh comes after death. It means when we talk about moksh we are talking about dying not living. Very few gurus talk about social involvement. When the federal building in Oklahoma was blown up, every church in America held prayers. In contrast, how many Hindus prayed when the Mumbai Stock Exchange was blown up, when Kashmiri Pandits were thrown out, etc and the list goes on.  In the name of Bhakti or attaining moksh, we are creating cold blooded Hindus with no brotherly or fellow feeling. Most gurus are talking about Atmakalyan (welfare of soul), yet not a single word about the grave situation faced by Hindu society. It is nothing but escapism. In the first chapter of the Geeta,  Arjun talks about this kind of philosophy. He talks about going to the Himalaya, meditating and running away from the battlefield.  In the second chapter, Bhagvan Krishna calls such a philosophy, hypocrisy. In other words, those who preach about moksh and the welfare of the soul are still only on chapter one and have not gone beyond it. It is now time to get out of this selfish philosophy of escapism. It is time to get out of this make believe world of delusion.  Because of this complex our youths don’t care much about the fate of Hindus worldwide.

These are our real internal enemies. We have to conquer them and make ourselves ready to face all challenges.

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